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Check Out How Years of Soap-Scum and Mold Buildup Were Removed from This Shower with a Tile Cleaning Job

September 23, 2016

This homeowner contacted Sir Grout after purchasing an apartment in Phoenixville, PA. It was a bargain, so she didn't mind the fact that the shower was a complete and utter mess. She was just happy to finally have a place of her own. She thought the money she had saved on the purchase would be enough to have the bathroom renovated. However, when asking for an estimate for the job, she realized this was not the case.

Before and After Picture of a Shower Tile Cleaning Job in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
A renovation was far more expensive than she had anticipated. She told some friends about her conundrum she had an apartment of her own, but with a bathroom so grimy that it was nearly impossible to use. They told her that there might be solution for it and recommended Sir Grout of Greater Chester County. One of her friends had found us while searching on the Internet for a local Phoenixville tile cleaning company, and thought this could be a great, cost-effective alternative to renovating. He had used our services and was more than pleased with the job we had done for him, so he gave the homeowner our phone number.

The client contacted us immediately, and we set up an appointment to do a free evaluation. When the technicians saw the state of the shower, they too thought a renovation was actually not only a good idea, but probably the best solution. However, the homeowner expressed that she had already asked for a few quotes from different companies and all of them were out of her budget. We were her last hope. The technicians were hesitant but, in the end, agreed to do the job to the best of their capabilities, making it clear that it didn't look promising at all. They weren't sure the problem could be solved with just a tile cleaning service, as the state of the shower was deplorable. The grout lines and caulking were completely covered in black mold, the tiles were covered in layers and layers of soap-scum and hard water spots. Even the shower doors had to be removed to be properly cleaned, and there was so much soap-scum built up on the rail that they could not be taken out easily.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning Job in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania - Shower Rail

To try and remove all the accumulated muck and mold, our tile cleaning experts started by scraping the shower walls and floor to remove the thick soap-scum layers. To remove hard water spots, they polished the tiles. All grout lines were scrubbed and steam cleaned, and once all the grime was gone, they discovered the grout was in such terrible shape cracked, gone, and uneven they had to re-grout the whole shower. All caulking had to be replaced as well, as it was covered in a thick layer of mold. The tiles and grout were sealed with our proprietary clear sealer Tile Armor to prevent and minimize future damage from fungi and soap buildup.

In the end, what seemed like an impossible mission turned into a miraculous makeover. Our client loved it so much that she hugged the technician this was certainly a first for us! She thanked us for a terrific job, and a few days later she contacted us again, thanking us and telling us she still couldn't believe how we had transformed her shower stall.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning Job in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania - Shower Door
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