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See the Extreme Makeover a Grout Sealing Gave This Shower in Coatesville, Pennsylvania

June 30, 2016

When people look at new grout lines, it gives them a deep sensation of cleanliness, and at the same time, the clean lines look very elegant. However, we all have to watch how they turn into a brownish and dingy surface, and without proper maintenance, they won't go back to their former spotless appearance. Time and use deteriorate almost anything, and grout is not exempt from this. Since grout is a porous material, dirt can seep into it, leaving stains. This was this homeowner's problem. She had a really dingy shower with deeply stained and eroded grout lines and caulk, along with dull tiles.

Read About the Extreme Makeover a Grout Sealing Gave This Shower in Coatesville, Pennsylvania
She was very frustrated before the inability to solve the situation on her own. She had tried different household cleaning products, but the results she had gotten were totally opposite to the ones she expected. The situation had worsened, and she was reaching the point of despair. One day, she decided to look for professional help, as she had been unable to solve the situation on her own. So, she went online and browsed the web for grout sealing in Coatesville, PA. Sir Grout of Greater Chester County's services and testimonials immediately caught her attention, so she contacted us.

The team of experts arrived at the time that they had agreed with the homeowner and told her the results of their evaluation. They talked about the noticeably dirty grout lines and explained the consequences behind the dirt and stains to the homeowner. They also explained that the grout and caulk were eroded due to water and time, leaving the surface unprotected. Our professional team of specialists, who are passionate for what they do, agreed that this homeowner's shower was in need of grout sealing and caulking services.

Grout is a porous material that needs to be sealed in order to prevent the effects of moisture, especially when they are in places that are highly exposed to water, such as showers. When grout and caulk become eroded, the surface stays unprotected, allowing water and dirt to seep into the porous material. This permeation sets the perfect environment for stains and mold formation. Even in the best conditions, grout deteriorates, and it might be necessary to replace and seal it to prevent the consequences of moisture.

In order to eliminate the existing dirt and stains, our well-trained team of professionals started with a deep cleaning procedure. They used pH-neutral cleaning products to prevent more abrasions on the tiles. After that, they used a high speed, yet gentle scrubber that removed the dirt from the grout, as well as the water stains from the tiles. To ensure a total cleaning, the experts used vapor steam cleaning to penetrate hard-to-clean areas, eliminating dirt and stains.

Once the shower was completely clean, the experts began with the removal of the existing grout to install new grout lines. They also did a recaulking service to seal the shower enclosure, preventing water permeation through the joints. To finish this high standing service, our professionals sealed the grout and caulk to create a long-lasting finish.

When the job was completed, the stains in the grout lines had disappeared, together with the risk of water permeation. The homeowner expressed her gratitude, and she kept looking at the pristine, white shower she now had.

If your shower needs a grout sealing service, and you live in Chester, Pennsylvania or anywhere near this area, do not hesitate to contact us by calling (215) 609-4868 or by filling the form below. We look forward to helping you. Find us on Facebook at Sir Grout of Greater Chester County, on Twitter @SGChesterPA, and Instagram @SirGrout.


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