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Does Your Bathroom Need a Touch-Up? Read How a Grout Recoloring Service Renovated This Marble Shower in Wayne, PA

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January 27, 2017

Sometimes, a fairly simple restoration procedure can go wrong, especially when it's not done by professionals. These homeowners in Wayne, Pennsylvania, had a lovely master shower in their home the shower had brown marble tiles on the floor, stylish glass tiles of different sizes on the walls, and glass doors. He and his wife picked out the tiles themselves several years ago, and they've loved them ever since. But as time passed, the shower started to deteriorate, especially the grout and caulk. Therefore, they hired a grout restoration company that claimed to be able to solve the problem, but the service didn't turn out the way they wanted instead of repairing the grout and caulk, they damaged the glass tiles and scratched half of the marble floor!

Before and After of a Marble Shower Grout Recoloring Service in Wayne, PA
The couple felt devastated when they saw the scratched marble. They let the company go immediately and started to think about what they could do to solve the mess. They concluded that the marble was probably beyond repair and that they couldn't afford to replace the damaged tiles. Nonetheless, refreshing the grout and caulk, like they had intended in the first place, could at least make the shower look better. They asked around for recommendations and heard from a relative that Sir Grout of Greater Chester County's grout recoloring services in Wayne could help them with their problem.

The homeowners went online to do some research about our company; they visited our website and found out that we not only provide grout recoloring services, but also tile cleaning and marble honing and polishing procedures, which could also help them restore their shower. Our testimonials and before and after pictures sold them on our services, so they called to set up a free in-home consultation. We were available that same afternoon, so we went there right away.

Before and After of a Marble Shower Grout Recoloring in Wayne, PA
As our team of experts inspected the shower, they noticed just how severely the previous company had damaged it: about half of the brown marble floor and several glass wall tiles were scratched. Also, instead of restoring the grout and caulk, the previous company chipped and cracked them. Our experts understood why the homeowners wanted to restore the shower so badly, so they proposed a thorough restoration service that involved a tile and grout cleaning service for the walls and a marble restoration service for the floor. The Wayne residents accepted and asked that the service be carried out promptly; they wanted their beautiful shower back as soon as possible.

Our hard surface technicians restored the entire shower in just one day. The day after the inspection, they arrived early in the morning to start the cleaning process. They cleaned the glass doors, walls, and floor with a non-toxic, soapless cleaner. After, all the shower joints were recaulked with Stainmaster Epoxy Grout. Then, they sealed the wall tiles with Tile Armor, our proprietary water-based sealer that is designed to protect tile and grout from stains.

As for the marble floor, our team removed the scratches with a honing service and then polished it back to its original shine. They also repaired the grout where it was necessary and used Sir Grout's enhancing sealer which is oil- and water-resistant to provide a wet, finished look.

Before and After of a Marble Shower Floor Grout Recoloring Service in Wayne, PA
The process took the team an entire day, but it paid off beautifully. The clients were very impressed by the results! They never thought that the shower could look that good after the mess the other company had made.

Before leaving, our hard-surface restorers gave the couple some recommendations on how to maintain their renewed shower. Since marble is highly sensitive to acidic substances, they recommended them to never use acidic cleaners, which could make the marble lose its shine in no time. Our experts told them they could use a pH-neutral, soapless cleaner instead. Moreover, marble is a beautiful yet very porous stone, meaning that it is prone to etching and staining. To help prevent these problems, the stone surface must be sealed periodically. Also, to prevent mold and mildew growth in the shower, they recommended the homeowners to always keep the bathroom properly ventilated, especially after hot showers.

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