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Grout Recoloring Saves Time and Money for Exton Parish School and Church

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September 22, 2015

Grout in a residential bathroom experiences years of abuse in form of years of foot traffic, moisture, harsh cleaning chemicals and dirt. It is not hard to imagine that public bathrooms, especially one in a school, experience exponentially more damaging elements. For the St. Philip and James Parish School in Exton, PA, years of wear and tear took their toll on the facility's tile bathroom floors. Over time, the once-white tiles became dull and discolored, while the grout lines separating them lost their color and, eventually, started cracking and peeling. The school's custodians tried their best to clean and polish the floors, however, but their efforts did not seem to fix the issue. The administration at St. Philip and James Parish School wanted to rejuvenate the school and church's bathrooms without having to divert a large chunk of the budget towards remodeling. The school's administration searched for Exton grout recoloring to find professionals who could recolor and seal the grout without having to replace the entire floors. Upon doing their due diligence and researching companies, they settled on Sir Grout of Chester, PA -- the experience and excellent feedback from client reviews made Sir Grout an easy choice for the St. Philip and James Parish School.

Grout Recoloring Before and After in Exton Parish School and Church

Pennsylvania experiences weather extremes unlike most places in the country. Cold, moisture-filled winters give way to scorching-hot, humid summers. The temperature differences, combined with foot traffic from heavy shoes and the dirt or winter salt those shoes track inside the school can damage even the sturdiest of grout. Mopping and cleaning is simply not enough: the daily damage done to grout by foot traffic, moisture and time simply cannot be reversed with a good cleaning. In fact, harsh chemicals from certain cleaning products can even damage grout further! As time passes, moisture and dirt warp and damage old grout, making the once clean, neat grout lines look old and discolored. The school administration of the St. Philip and James Parish School made the choice to go with Sir Grout of Chester for their grout recoloring needs. They made the right choice.

Upon arriving at the school, Sir Grout's trained grout recoloring team assessed the scope of the job, documented the pre-treatment state of the bathroom floors through a number of photos and videos, and formulated a plan of action. The job was quite extensive: the 500+ square foot job included over 400 square feet of flooring in both public restrooms, as well as two powder rooms: one office powder room at 25 square feet, and one health center powder room floor at 20 square feet, as well as the bathroom in the church lobby.

The first step was to thoroughly clean the floors using Sir Grout's proprietary cleaning process. To save the school time and money, Sir Grout's team decided to go with ColorSeal to seal and recolor the existing grout. Sealing the grout will drastically increase its lifespan, while recoloring gives old grout a new, just-installed look and feel. ColorSeal is a tinted sealer that serves to fill and eliminate the dirt-trapping pores found on grout lines, creating a clean, fresh, water-resistant layer that protects and preserves grout while giving a new appearance. Sir Grout turns to ColorSeal for most residential and commercial grout recoloring jobs, and considers it one of the best sealers on the market.

When the Sir Grout recoloring team was finished, the St. Philip and James Parish School's bathrooms looked as if they just went through a major remodeling! The administration was very impressed and thankful for a major job well done, on a budget! The best part? What seemed like a monstrous and dirty job of 5 bathrooms was completed in just 3 1/2 days.

The St. Philip and James Parish School can continue enjoying the newly recolored grout for years. As is the case in both a residential and commercial application, cleaning with appropriate products and minimizing dirt can prolong the life of original or recolored grout. Neglecting the new grout can potentially accelerate discoloration, fading and drying, requiring more professional treatments in the future.

Avoid wasting your time and money on a costly remodel! For the best Exton grout recoloring services, contact Sir Grout of Chester, PA, for free a tile and grout evaluation today!

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