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Look How Our Caulking Service Completely Renewed the Appearance of This Ceramic Tile Shower in Villanova, PA

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April 20, 2018

Humidity can cause devastating consequences inside a house, especially in areas where there's poor or no ventilation at all, like bathrooms. Homeowners battle with this silent enemy on a daily basis. They make every effort to prevent their home from deteriorating, often without successful results. That was the case of one Villanova resident in Pennsylvania, who had seen with frustration how her shower had gained an unsightly look despite her numerous attempts to preserve it. Fortunately, she would soon learn about the marvels of our professional Villanova caulking services.

Before and After Picture of a Ceramic Tile Shower Caulking Service in Villanova, PA
First Signs of Decay
Our homeowner had been living in her home for years. She loved Pennsylvania in winter and was willing to take the harsh summers just to see the snow fall through her window. Villanova's warmth and humidity hadn't become a problem until she started experiencing the outcome of humidity in her shower. As soon as the woman saw the first signs of decay, she started applying all sorts of traditional solutions, including some DIY methods that were not as successful as she expected. As time passed, the shower tile walls and floor had become dull, scratched, and aged. The grout lines had gained a yellowish color and mold had begun to grow. The caulk lines were also damaged, and mold covered.

Looking for Professional Help
The woman felt desperate, watching her shower become progressively worse, losing all the splendor it had when she moved in. She decided to look for professional help but didn't know of any hard surface restoration services in the area. Fortunately, her sister, who lived in Chester, PA, had hired Sir Grout of Greater Chester County a local hard surface restoration company some months earlier. The homeowner did her homework and contacted Sir Grout of Greater Chester County. After asking all the necessary questions, she scheduled a free in-home consultation, where our team of experts would assess the situation and design an action plan to restore the surface.

The Experts' Opinion
On the set date, our caulk specialists arrived at the homeowner's house. As soon as they walked into the shower, they identified the causes that had led to such deterioration. They told the homeowner that the shower had been subjected to incorrect cleaning techniques and products, which had debilitated the grout and caused a terrible water damage problem. The restorers also said it was necessary to deeply clean the surface, seal the grout lines, and restore the expansion joints with new caulk. The homeowner agreed, and they scheduled a new date to perform the restoration.

Before and After Picture of a Ceramic Tile Shower Caulking Service in Villanova, Pennsylvania
Grout: Main Characteristics and Problems
Grout is fundamental in the installation of a tile surface because it fills in the spaces between the tiles. However, it is necessary to take some measures to prevent deterioration and extend your tile surfaces' lifespan. Grout's main vulnerability is porosity, which poses a risk of water damage to hard surfaces as it accelerates the natural aging process of materials.

Grout and Humidity
Water damage can have serious consequences on your tiled surfaces because liquids seep in the grout lines and under the tiles, which may lead to mold growth, stains, evident signs of aging, and weakened, flaking, chipped, or crumbling grout. In the worst cases, grout can fall off and tiles can detach. The best way to prevent water absorption through the grout lines is by sealing them as soon as installed.

Ceramic Tile: Durable Yet Vulnerable Material
Ceramic tiles are often highly resistant to heavy wear, even in areas that are exposed to constant humidity, such as showers. Also, they are rather easy to clean because they don't retain dust and dirt. Another characteristic of tile surfaces is that their color does not change over time. The most vulnerable point in tile surfaces is grout, which often represents a large part of the entire surface.

Before and After Picture of a Ceramic Tile Shower Caulking in Villanova, PA
Consequences of Incorrect Cleaning Routine
Following the right cleaning routine is very important for the preservation of the surface. As aforementioned, the technicians determined that the use of incorrect cleaning technique and harsh products had played a main role in the deterioration of the surface. Even though ceramic tiles are ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic and high levels of humidity, some conventional products, and cleaning techniques can alter their appearance.

Our homeowner mentioned that she had used soap-based cleaners, mild acidic solutions, and harsh scrubbers to remove dirt and mold before she decided to look for professional help. Soapy products can leave a film on the surface that attracts dirt, which explained the dull, yellowish appearance of the tiles. Also, acids and scrubbers can debilitate the surface of the tile and make it prone to scratching and staining.

Shower Restoration Process
  • Thorough Cleaning
  • On the appointed day, the crew returned to our homeowner's property to perform the restoration. The first step to revive the shower was the cleaning stage. The team used the appropriate cleaners and a high-speed scrubber to remove the dirt buildup. They also used vapor steam cleaning to remove the most embedded grime as well as eliminating mold.

  • Protecting the Grout Lines with ColorSeal
  • The second stage of the multi-step procedure was sealing the grout lines. This step would protect the grout lines from further damage and help prevent water seepage in the surface. This part of the process demands high attention to detail and extreme precision to prevent staining.

    Our professionals used Epoxy ColorSeal Sir Grout's proprietary grout sealant. This cutting-edge product is designed to make your grout lines water-, stain-, and mold-resistant. Another advantage of Epoxy ColorSeal is its wide assortment of colors, which allows homeowners to match their grout line and tiles.

  • Replacing Old Caulk with Epoxy Caulk
  • Caulking is also crucial in the prevention of water damage in showers and bathrooms. Caulk serves to seal the space where the tile meets with other surfaces, such as sinks, countertops, shower enclosures, bathtubs, and more. Caulk is a thick mixture that prevents water and dirt from going under the tiles. This homeowner's shower had serious problems with caulking since the caulk lines had almost completely disintegrated. Our professionals had to remove the old caulk and replace it with new epoxy caulk, which would make the surface last much longer if correctly maintained.
Once the crew finished the job, they let the homeowner in to show her the results. She was amazed by the results. The woman thanked the team for such remarkable work and said we had exceeded her expectations.

Care and Maintenance Tips
Before leaving, our experts gave the customer some care and maintenance tips for the upkeep of the results. They recommended she use soap-free cleaning products to prevent the dirt buildup from forming again. They also told her not to use harsh scrubbers, which would help prevent scratching and debilitating the surface. Our technicians suggested that the owner kept the surface as dry and ventilated as possible.

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