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Professional Grout Cleaning in Devon, PA: Learn How This Dog-Damaged Tile Floor Came Back to Life Thanks to Our Hard Surface Specialists

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September 15, 2017

Dogs are one of the most popular pets among American families—they are playful, joyful, and energetic. They are even considered members of the family in some cases, mostly because they give unconditional love to their owners. Their energy brings happiness to your day, but they can also bring dirt and chaos into your house. This is why every dog owner knows that keeping his or her home in good condition requires more effort. Their paws can seriously deteriorate indoor surfaces like tile and stone floors with scratches. That was the case of this homeowner from Devon, PA. He loved dogs; he had three of his own and watched three or four more of his friends' dogs every day. Can you imagine? That's a lot of activity in the same place! Six or seven dogs can surely scratch any surface, not to mention the amount of grime they can bring in, which can easily pile onto the grout lines.

Before and After of a Tile Floor Grout Cleaning Service in Devon, Pennsylvania
The owner loved his dogs, but his love wouldn't hide the messy look of his floor. He knew that cleanliness is a serious matter, especially when you have pets; but, no matter how much effort he put into the cleaning routine, the floor would still have an unsightly appearance. It was dingy, with soiled tiles and stained and aged grout lines. Our client had used different methods and cleaners, but none of them had worked. Just when he was reaching his frustration limit, he remembered his neighbor telling him about a floor restoration company. His neighbor had her tile floor cleaned and it ended up looking as good as new. The client immediately called his neighbor to ask her for the name of the company that offered grout cleaning in Devon.

The link provided by his neighbor led the client to Sir Grout of Greater Chester County's website. The man decided to browse our website and read our testimonial and blog section, which made him feel more confident about us. Right after, he scheduled a free in-home consultation for the soonest date available. He was eager to recover the former cleanliness and appeal of the tiled surface.

On the appointed date, the team of experts arrived at our customer's home to evaluate the problem and plan an accurate solution. The signs of deterioration became visible at first glance for them, along with the causes of the problem. The specialists told the owner that the dogs had greatly contributed to the damage, since they scratch and carry dirt inside the house. However, the floor had also been subjected to incorrect cleaning products and techniques, which had worsened the problem. The technicians said it was necessary to deeply clean the surface in order to eliminate all the grime. They also told the homeowner that sealing the surface would prevent future damage, making it last much longer.

The owner had this tile floor installed shortly after he moved in years ago. He chose tile for its durability and versatility. By that time, he learned that grout is indispensable to fill in the space between tiles. However, he wasn't aware of how vulnerable it can be. One of grout's main weaknesses is permeability; it allows dirt and liquid to seep into the grout lines and under the tile. Such permeation can cause discoloration, stains, cracks, chipping, and even tile detachment. The owner didn't know he could prevent all of this by having the grout lines sealed right after installation.

To make things worse, the client had used a variety of incorrect cleaning products and methods that had aggravated the problem. When the technicians asked the owner for his cleaning routine, he mentioned soap-based cleaners. These kinds of cleaners leave a film on surfaces that attract dirt. That was the cause of the brownish waxy layer of dirt that was visible on the grout lines when our team arrived.

Our team of technicians came back on the day of the job at the set time and put their plan into action right away. The specialists began by thoroughly cleaning the surface with a combination of appropriate cleaning products and a high-speed scrubber that removed the dirt from the surface. They even used vapor steam cleaning for the most difficult areas. After the surface was clean, the experts started the preventive part of the job: sealing the grout. The team used ColorSeal—Sir Grout's proprietary grout sealant. This product creates a shield on the grout that repels water, grime, stains, and mold and mildew. It can last as long as grout itself if well maintained. Another advantage of ColorSeal is that it comes in different colors, allowing the clients to choose any shade they please.

When the technicians finished the job, they let the owner in to show him the results. He was thrilled with the new, flawless appearance of his tile floor. The man thanked the team and said that it looked better than when it was installed years ago. The man was so grateful that he left an amazing review about our work:

Scott - Devon, PAJanuary 27, 2017

Great job by Matt Mitchell of Sir Grout! With all of the dogs in/out of our home, this tile grout was disgusting. Highly recommended!


Before leaving, the experts gave some tips on care and maintenance to prevent future damage. They recommended using soap-less cleaning products to prevent grime buildup. They also suggested cleaning the dirt from the surface on a regular basis to prevent scratches. The team made a special emphasis on the importance of constantly changing mop water—that way he would be sure he was removing all the dirt that the dogs could have brought in.

If you live in Devon, PA or the surrounding area, at Sir Grout of Greater Chester County, we have the solution to help you restore the hard surfaces in your home! Call us at (215) 609-4868 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to set up an appointment with us today.

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