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Record Time Service! Look What Our Tile and Grout Cleaners in King of Prussia, PA, Did to Enhance This Kitchen and Powder Room Floor

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June 11, 2017

There are times when our daily lives become so hectic that we fail to take in our surroundings. During that time of stunted unawareness, our minds don't register simple changes in our environment that we otherwise would, like grime accumulating on floor tiles and grout.

Before and After Picture of a Floor Tile and Grout Cleaners in King of Prussia, PA
This client of ours was oblivious to the dirt that was building up on her floors. But one day while cooking lunch for their family, she spilled a bottle of vinegar on the floor. Flustered, she ran to get the mop, but when she got back she noticed the part of the floor where the vinegar had spilled was now a few shades lighter than the rest, though not impeccable. She then realized how terrible her floors were despite the fact that she mopped them almost every day. She knew it was necessary to call a professional tile and grout cleaners in King of Prussia to deep clean the tiles and grout.

Before and After Picture of a Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaners in King of Prussia, PA
However, she did not have much time on her hands to look for a professional hard surface restoration company. Her in-laws were coming to town to visit and she feared that her meticulous mother-in-law would fixate on the darkened grout. She needed the best tile and grout cleaning professional in King of Prussia and thankfully she found them on Google. She stumbled upon Sir Grout of Greater Chester County's website, and after looking through the picture gallery and great testimonials, she decided to give them a try and signed up for a free in-home evaluation.

Our experts arrived the next day to assess the state of the floor and propose the most effective solution. Once she took us through the kitchen and the powder room we observed the deeply stained grout and the layers of dirt muting the tiles. The team suggested a grout cleaning service to restore them. Trusting our years of experience, our client agreed.

Grout is a very porous substance that tends to absorb all types of liquids when not sealed properly. This makes it highly susceptible to staining agents and is also prone to harbor moisture that could foster the growth of fungi like mold and mildew—this could become a health risk if not treated.

On the appointed date, our crew of expert technicians arrived at our customer's residence with the purpose of cleaning her floors to bring back their previous good looks. To achieve this, our crew started by applying our own soap-less and pH-balanced cleaner to the floors, and rinsed with a high-speed scrubber. To remove any present mold and bacteria, and get rid of more deep-seated stains, they used a high-temperature steam cleaner. Once the cleaning was done, our team used our proprietary ColorSeal, which is a water-based sealant that helps recolor grout in a wide variety of hues that you can choose from our catalog. ColorSeal also has the useful advantage of making your grout water- and fungi-resistant and extremely durable.

When our team was done with the floors, they showcased the results to our client. She was over the moon when she saw how her clean floors brightened the spaces. She now felt confident to welcome her in-laws.

To make sure she would not be in such a situation again, our team gave her a few cleaning tips to extend the time required between maintenance sessions. First, it is very important to forgo all cleaning products containing soap, because it tends to leave a sticky residue that gathers dirt and stains tile and grout. A better option is to use a pH-balanced cleaner specifically designed for the certain kind of hard surface you have. Also, remember to never air-dry your floors; when the dirty water evaporates you will still be left with the dirt and cleaner residue on the surface. Instead, make sure to use a squeegee or terrycloth to dry all moisture.

Here at Sir Grout of Greater Chester County we offer all the products and services you need to have the best-looking floors in your neighborhood. Call us at (215) 609-4868 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form to set up a free evaluation with our team.

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