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This Chester Resident's Tile Kitchen Looks Brand New After a Quick Grout Recoloring

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January 11, 2016

Kitchens and walkways are the two areas of the home that experience high traffic. A man living with his family in a beautifully tiled home in Chester, PA, was no exception. Mornings were spent running in and out of the kitchen while mom or dad would prepare lunches for the day. The dog and children often tracked in dirt, and who knows what else into the hallway and living room. Over many years, and many boxed lunch preparations and dinners cooked, the homeowner noticed the pits in the grout were getting grayer, messier, and deeper. He gave cleanup a try every week, but it seemed impossible to get the brown grout lines back to what they used to be. He must have tried every cleaner in the book – always careful to make sure everything was nontoxic so that his children and dog would be safe.

Before and After a Tile Recoloring in Chester, PA

The all-natural cleaners this Chester homeowner tried only seemed to make the problem worse. The grout would look lighter for a few days, and then even darker after getting walked on! It seemed like nothing could stop the dirt and grime from piling into the grout. What if there were mold inside the grout as well? He began to worry… and knew the problem needed to be resolved. He told one of his coworkers about the problem, and asked if he knew anyone local Chester Springs Grout Recoloring experts. His friend recommended Sir Grout of Greater Chester County – they had not only recolored his grout, but sealed it as well! The Chester homeowner decided to give them a try since the evaluation was free and they could tell him what was wrong with his floors.

Finally, the day of the evaluation came. Was grout recoloring on the menu for this Chester homeowner? The hard surface restoration technicians took a close look at his floor and could immediately see that there was nothing filling the craggy, porous grout lines in between the expensive, once-beautiful tile in his home. As a result, it was clear that every dirt particle, bacterium, soap scum, and potentially mold particles would build up until the grout was completely black! The process would be simple: first, the tile and grout must be cleaned. Then, the team recommended that the homeowner have his grout sealed so that all those pores would be filled, and the color of the grout would no longer change. The homeowner was impressed with the technicians' knowledge and low price, and was pleased. He had but one concern left: how long would the job take? The answer was just two days, and the products used were non-toxic – they would be completely safe for his family and pet!

The homeowner gave the go-ahead to start the job. He couldn't wait to check this irritating problem off the to-do list. On the day of the job, the technicians came out to his Chester home, prepared to clean and recolor the grout that was so dirty-looking. First, they used a proprietary vapor cleaning process with a one-of-a-kind vertical brush scrubbing system to remove all the dirt and bacteria. Next, they applied the homeowner the high quality, yet inexpensive sealer: ColorSeal. ColorSeal is a special sealer that both seals grout and recolors grout, creating a uniformly clean look. It is mold-, mildew-, water-, and stain-resistant.

After just one day of work, his entire kitchen looked brand new. ColorSeal filled all the holes in the grout that had been trapping moisture and dirt. Now, he could rely on the grout to have a uniform color and freshly-laid appearance. It would also make the grout much easier to clean! The technicians were ready to leave the next day after completely recoloring the hallway grout as well. The technicians left the Chester homeowner with some friendly cleaning advice: don't use so-called "natural" cleaners on your floors! They'll eat away at the tile and grout. The fact is, many cleaners are acidic, and will damage hard surfaces. The best cleaners to use are pH-neutral and soap-less – because soap scum also attracts mold and debris. The team recommended Sir Grout Maintenance Cleaner as the routine cleaner due to pH-neutral, soap-less qualities.

Are you tired of staring at dirty grey grout lines in between beautiful tile? A grout recoloring gives you the option of colors when adding a preventative seal to your grout. For a free evaluation, call Sir Grout of Greater Chester County at (215) 609-4868.

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