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Two Steps for an Amazing Transformation: Our Tile Cleaning and Caulking Services Renewed These Bathrooms in Exton, PA

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September 27, 2017

Renting a home can sometimes mean that the place could suffer from deterioration. Our client, the tenant, had been renting this apartment for two years and she found herself having to deal with some corrosion issues in her bathroom. Being away for long periods of time, the tenant often skipped deep cleaning in the apartment. In order to keep some cleanliness, she used a very soapy cleaning product that, with the presence of hard water, helped in the formation of soap scum, which damaged several items in the bathroom. Not everybody knows that their water might be hard water (water filled with minerals) that creates soap scum on hard surfaces when it is constantly in contact with soap and other cleaning products. The tenant became aware that the damage could not be fixed with DIY methods, so she promptly went online looking for Exton Caulking Services and Exton Tile Cleaning services to find a company that was experienced and reliable to remedy the situation. She finally found our website, and read about our services, which convinced her to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning and Caulking Services in Exton, PA
On the day of the consultation, the tenant opened the doors of her cozy rented apartment to us. As soon as we stepped into the master bathroom, we noticed the damage on the shower basin, the tiles, and the door. The basin was filled with soap scum, the tiles and the grout were dirty, and the shower door was filled with sticky soap residue. On top of that, the floor was covered with a sticky film, probably from hairspray and soap. The owner also instructed us to check the guest bathroom, where we noticed that the tiles and grout were dirty and the caulk between the tub and the shower tiles was chipped and dirty. These were the normal consequences of the moisture that remained trapped in the shower for extended periods of time when the tenant was not home. We clearly had a lot of work to do in both bathrooms, and the two main steps we had to take to renew the bathrooms were cleaning and caulking.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning and Caulking in Exton, PA
The first step for the renovation of the master bathroom was deep cleaning the tiles and the grout. A high-speed scrubbing machine and a vapor steam cleaning machine were used to remove the grime completely on the tiles, grout, shower doors, basin, and floor. The sticky residue on the door, the floor, and the basin needed steam cleaning to be removed efficiently. The tenant was surprised when we explained that her choice of cleaning product had done a lot of the damage. The thick consistency of the product and the fact that it was not usually rinsed off thoroughly had been responsible for most of the residue and the consequent grime that stuck on the surfaces of the bathroom. However clean the grout ended up after the deep cleaning, this procedure alone is not enough to make it waterproof, stainproof, and mold and mildew resistant, so the application of ColorSeal, our proprietary sealant, was vital. It protects the grout, gives it the desired color, and makes it durable. After this, the second big step was caulking, which consists of applying an epoxy-based product that seals the caulk lines all around, making them resistant to mold, mildew, and chipping. Water and moisture will not seep through the caulk lines, and the job will stay perfect for many years.

Before and After of a Tile Cleaning and Caulking in Exton, PA
In the guest bathroom, the same cleaning process was carried out: deep clean with emphasis on vapor steam cleaning, color sealing in bright white, and a caulking procedure, including the rim of the tub. Our technicians were extremely careful with the caulking of the guest bathroom because it was very dirty and it was falling off. It was expected that this type of damage would happen sooner or later, since the previous caulking job had been faulty, judging by the application line which did not look completely neat. Caulking is vital for the conservation of tiles and grout because the joints are very susceptible to moisture; with this procedure, the tub would be protected for a long time.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning and Caulking Services in Exton, Pennsylvania
The new look of the master bathroom bears no comparison with its former dingy appearance; it looks as if it had been just installed! The grayish blue of the tiles popped, the shower door was now impeccable, and the basin and the tiles and grout were free of soap scum, mold, or mildew as you can see in the images. In the guest bathroom, everything turned sparkly white. The tub had never looked so clean, not even when first installed. The tenant could not believe how much of a difference our services had made! She had never seen these bathrooms so perfect before, which gave her a wonderful feeling of satisfaction for being able to leave the apartment in optimal conditions; the investment was decidedly worthwhile. She thanked us profusely for fixing the problems that seemed to be unsalvageable and said she would recommend our services and call us again for a polishing job on her mother's kitchen stone floor.

Before and After of a Tile Cleaning and Caulking in Exton, Pennsylvania
Even if your tiles, grout, and caulk seem too broken down to be repaired, we are sure we can bring them back to new with the help of our experienced technicians. If you need an assessment, you can fill in our form to get a free in-home consultation to determine exactly the type of service your hard surfaces need. For more information, you can call us at (215) 609-4868. Also, stay informed about us subscribing to our newsletter.

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